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Kimak + Rempel Dentistry

Downtown Calgary Dentists

Dr. Erv Kimak, DDS

Dr Kimak has been practicing dentistry in downtown Calgary for over 25 years.  During that time, Dr Kimak has managed to develop a loyal following of patients who appreciate an eye for detail.  Raising two children in the Calgary area, Dr Kimak has been active in the community to promote participation of sports and cultural programs.  Besides a focus on excellence in dentistry, Dr Kimak is an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.  

Dr. Steven Rempel, DMD

For over 10 years, Dr Rempel has been delivering dental care in both Ontario and Alberta.  His perspective in both settings have led to a greater understanding of the sophisticated and ever-changing landscape of dentistry.   Dr Rempel blends an artistic approach to dentistry with a sincere compassion for his patients.  Whether he is providing comprehensive esthetic care, or working a 'pro bono' case for a patient who cannot afford treatment, Dr Rempel brings heart to his work.  Dr Rempel and his wife, Juliana, are actively involved in the arts community in Calgary.

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